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2964 Walden Irish

The 2964 Walden Irish Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps has operated in the Naughton area of the Greater city of Sudbury since 1979. We are affiliated with The 2nd Battalion Irish Regiment of Canada

Royal Canadian Army Cadets

We are a civilian organisation sponsored by the Army Cadet League of Canada with funding and training provided by the Department of National Defense

Our Goals

We have three primary goals. To develop in youth the attributes of leadership and good citizenship, promote physical fitness, and to stimulate an interest in the Sea, Army and Air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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Just a taste of some of the things we do
Leadership - General Hillier's Presentation


A central focus within the program is on Leadership. Cadets are instructed lessons in leadership theory and receive ample opportunity to practice and hone those skills.

Band - Greater Sudbury Mass Garrison Band


Cadets have the opportunity to learn musical instruments within the Cadet program. We operate a Pipes and Drums Band locally at the corps and participate in the Sudbury city wide Cadet Pipes and Drums band comprised of cadets from multiple units.

Marksmanship - Zone Competition Shoot


Cadets have the opportunity to learn marksmanship skills in a safe and controlled environment. There are ample opportunities to fire the Daisy 853c air rifle competitively in the program. All of this is done under the supervision of a qualified Range Safety Officer.

Field Training - Cadets on Joint Field Training Exercise

Field Training

Cadets get the opportunity to practice all that they have learned at the unit over the course of a weekend at a training site in the Field. We also participate in Joint FTX's with other Sudbury Area Units

Expedition - Cadets during Hiking Activity

Expedition TRG

Expedition training is like field training but with an added component - you need to get somewhere. Cadets traverse large distances using different types of conveyance ranging from hiking to canoeing.

Orienteering - Cadet Punching Orienteering Card


Part of the program is to learn how to navigate using just a map and local points of interests such as buildings and terrain elevation. We participate in orienteering competitions at the local and regional level

Biathlon - Cadet Firing 22cal Rifle


Cadet competitors ski through a track of varying terrain and elevation and stop at a designated range to shoot. This is a timed event and we participate in regional, provincial and even National competitions.

Drill - Cadets Formed up for Drill Team

Drill Team

Drill is the act of a group of people acting in a precise and unified fashion according to the 201 - The Drill Bible. Drill promotes discipline and camaraderie in a unit and teaches cadets to work as a team.

Summer Training - The Blackdown Cadet Sumer Training Center Formed up

Summer TRG

Cadets may have the opportunity to attend a summer training center. Courses provide specialized knowledge and range from 2 to 6 weeks and you even get paid to attend!

Advanced Training - CWO Schouten Graduating Basic Parachutist Course

Advanced TRG

Senior cadets may have the chance to attend advanced training. For example participating in an exchange with another country, staffing a cadet summer training center and for the particularly brave even parachuting out of airplanes.

Physical Fitness - Cadet Performing Fitness Assessment

Physical Fitness

One of the key aims of the program is to promote physical fitness. While it is not a requirement to be physically fit, we will challenge you to become so. We regularly hold sports and activity nights that encourage cadets to be more physically active

Community Service - Cadets during Legion Poppy Days

Community Svc

Cadets are heavily involved in the Greater Sudbury community. Most notably, we participate in the annual Remembrance Day parade. We teach cadets the importance of being an active and productive member of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We have answers! Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. If you can't find answers here feel free to reach out using the contact form below

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC) is a Canadian national youth program sponsored by the Canadian Forces and the civilian Army Cadet League of Canada. Under the authority of the National Defence Act the program is administered by the Canadian Forces and funded through the Department of National Defence. The Army cadet league provides support in the local community. Many Army Cadet corps receive additional support from affiliated Regular or Reserve Army units.
Cadets are involved in a large amount of activities. Some examples: Expeditions (Ontario, Canada and Overseas), Hiking and Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Camping, Orienteering and Military Navigation Training, Air Rifle Shooting, Biathlon Team, Marksmanship Team, Drill Team, Winter Survival Training, Team Sports, Leadership & Citizenship Training, Radio Procedures, First Aid Certification, Summer Training (we pay you to go!) and much, much more!!
While The program is funded by the Department of National Defence and Administered by the Canadian Armed Forces, The cadet program is itself a civilian agency. While cadets may wear the badges and accoutrements of their affiliated unit, cadets are civilians, they are not members of the Canadian Armed Forces.
The cadet program is a trial by choice program. If for some reason you decide that it's not for you, you have no obligation to remain a cadet. You simply return any loaned equipment such as your uniform back to the Unit. So don't be afraid to give it a try, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!
Absolutley! As mentioned before, we operate in the Greater City of Sudbury in the community of Naughton. You can drop in on us on any Thursday night from 6pm until 9pm at the Naughton Community Center - Check out our calendar to make sure we're there!
While we have a bias and believe Army is the way to go, there are other units in the Greater Sudbury Area and if Army Cadets isn't for you, we definitely encourage you to check out the Sea or Air Unit in the Sudbury Core.
The program is administered by reserve force officers in the Canadian Armed Forces who receive specialized training to mentor and coach youth. These officers belong to the Cadet Instructors Cadre and offer their services to the Unit on a part time basis.
There is no cost associated with joining, none, zero, zilch. Cadets are loaned uniforms at public cost. Cadets may be asked to participate in fundraising activities for items not covered by the Department of National Defence, such as year end trips and new equipment for competitive teams.
There is no pay associated with being a cadet at the Local Unit. However, cadets attending summer training receive a training stipend while at the training center. Senior cadets who are hired as a staff cadet at a summer training center receive a daily rate of pay based on the rank they receive. It makes for a great summer job!
Once cadets have been trained on safety precautions and handling procedures, cadets can participate in our regular range nights at the beginning of the year. Cadets attending range nights may be selected to be on the marksmanship team. The marksmanship team uses the Daisy 853c Air Rifle, a pellet rifle designed for cadet use in marksmanship competitions. In addition, Cadets who participate in biathlon may have the opportunity to fire a 22 caliber rifle and cadets attending senior level summer training courses may also have a chance to fire a c7 rifle. Cadets are supervised at all times by the Range Safety Officer (RSO), senior cadets and coaches to ensure that the activity is safe for everyone.

Command Team

This is the senior leadership for the Unit

Capt Pierre Sivret

Commanding Officer

Captain Pierre Sivret is the current Commanding Officer of the 2964 Walden Irish Royal Candian Army Cadet Corps

Capt Sheri Penney, CD

Deputy Commanding Officer

Captain Sheri Penney is the current Deputy Commanding Officer and Training Officer of the 2964 Walden Irish Royal Candian Army Cadet Corps

CWO B. Schouten

Regimental Sergeant Major

Chief Warrant Officer Schouten is the Current Regimental Sergeant Major of the 2964 Walden Irish Royal Candian Army Cadet Corps

Staff Members

Rank Name Position E-Mail
Lt Y. Bisaillion Supply Officer
OCdt R. Seltzer Instructor
CI M. Hykawy Administration Officer
CI S. Sampson Instructor / Biathlon Coach
CV C. Seltzer Instructor

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Thursday: 6pm - 9pm
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